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Over the years, Avenged Sevenfold has associated itself with several other bands/musicians. Here is a list of them.  



Pinkly Smooth[]

Pinkly Smooth was an American heavy metal/avant-garde metal band. The band was formed in the summer of 2001 in Huntington Beach, California, as a side project for Avenged Sevenfold's drummer/composer/songwriter Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, and originally featured The Rev (under the name "Rathead") on vocals, along with fellow Avenged Sevenfold member Synyster Gates on guitar and former Ballistico band members Buck Silverspur (under the name "El Diablo") on bass and Derek Eglit (under the name "Super Loop") on drums. They released only one album, Unfortunate Snort, which featured former Avenged Sevenfold bassist Justin Meacham (under his stage name "Justin Sane") as a keyboard player.


  1. Rathead (The Rev) – vocals, piano, drums (2001–2002)
  2. Synyster Gates – guitar (2001–2002)
  3. El Diablo (Buck Silverspur) – bass (2001–2002)
  4. Super Loop (Derek Eglit) – drums (2001–2002)
  5. Justin Sane (Justin Meacham) – keyboards (2001)