Betrayed is the tenth of eleven tracks on Avenged Sevenfold's 2005 album, City of Evil.  


Passion in my eyes, I lived it everyday, but how could you go throw it all away?

In my dreams it's me and you, it's there I saw it all come true

As time went by faith in you grew, so one thing's left for me to do (finish you)

I feel it burn inside, burn like the rising sun

Lifted into the sky, took away the only thing I loved

I know after tonight all your power crumbles in my arms

So don't worry, I'll be fine, when my life ends, I'll leave this scar

A smoking gun in your hand, now don't you realize what you've done

Put a bullet in his back, your hero since you were so young

How could you kill the man who brought salvation through your pain

He must mean everything to end it all this shameful way

I started here so young and helped you get along

Just did it for the love, and people healed through us

Don't live your life in vain, don't take it out on me

You're cracked, so just remember, I'm not your enemy

I don't deserve to fall this way, by a man who felt betrayed

I felt so down now you're around to rescue me

Every note and every word i'm listening

Sometimes problems seem too deep to take

Sometimes I cry thinking my future looks so bleak

Finally, together we were destined, I know what's best for us in the end

Someone hear me, someone stop me, someone listen, why aren't you listening?





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