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A Lead Guitar is a guitar part which plays melody lines, instrumental fill passages, guitar solos, and occasionally, some riffs within a song structure. The lead is the featured guitar, which usually plays single-note-based lines or double-stops. In rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, punk, fusion, some pop, and other music styles, lead guitar lines are usually supported by a second guitarist who plays rhythm guitar, which consists of accompaniment chords and riffs.  

List of Avenged Sevenfold Lead Guitarists[]

Zacky Vengeance[]

When the band was first formed, Zacky Vengeance played lead guitar, until Synyster Gates showed up for that position; after that, Zacky went over to rhythm guitar, while Synyster Gates played lead guitar.  

Synyster Gates[]

Synyster Gates joined the band to play lead guitar in 2001. Synyster Gates uses many Schecter Guitars. Schecter Guitar Research has been sponsoring him and he has singature Avenger models. He has also been using Gibson Guitars when Avenged Sevenfold was recording Waking the Fallen and City of Evil. He has his own Seymour Duncan pickups, a custon SH-8 Invader, with Black, Gold, White, or Chrome caps.  

  • Schecter Synyster Custom-S (Black with Silver pinstripes, Black with Gold pinstripes, Black with Red pinstripes, White with Gold pinstripes, White with Black pinstripes, Gold Burst, Dark Earth Burst)
  • Schecter custom models with Rebel flag, American flag, German flag, Black wtih Red Stripes, Red with Black Stripes, White with Gold Stripes, White with Black Stripes, one featuring Jack NIcholson's Joker art and color scheme.  
  • Schecter Synyster Gates Custom with "REV" inlays on fret board, instead of "SYN" featured in the "So Far Away" music video
  • Schecter Synyster Custom
  • Schecter Synyster Acoustic
  • Schecter Synyster 8-String Prototype
  • Schecter Synyster Delux Prototype
  • Schecter Synyster Special
  • Schecter Avenger
  • Schecter C-1 Classic - Transparent Blue
  • Schecter Custom C-1 FR
  • Schecter Omen-6 FR
  • Gibson ES-335
  • Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR(white, black)
  • Schecter Scorpion with Seymour Duncan JBs
  • Schecter PT Fastback
  • Schecter S-1 loeaded with Seymour Duncan JBs
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom (arctic white)
  • Parker Flyl
  • Epiphone Rockbass
  • Washburn Guitars RX10VSB with a sustaniac single coil pickup as seen on "Making of Brompton Cocktail"