Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
Released January 31, 2001
Recorded November 2000
Length 53:12
Label Goodlife Records

Hopeless Records

Producer Donnell Cameron

Avenged Sevenfold

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet was Avenged Sevenfold's first album. It was released by Goodlife Records on January 31, 2001. At this time, the band members were only in high school. This was also before Johnny Christ and Synyster Gates joined the band. However, there was a re-release of the album with Synyster Gates on it. Also, they were having bassist troubles because their first bassist, Matt Wendt, was just replaced by Justin Sane. After Justin Sane attempted suicide, he was replaced by Dameon Ash. The original album was released by Good Life Recordings, but when Synyster Gates joined, they recorded the album a second time with Hopeless Records and it was released in 2002.


  1. To End the Rapture
  2. Turn the Other Way
  3. Darkness Surrounding
  4. The Art of Subconcious Illusion (featuring Valory Dibenedetto)
  5. We Come Out at Night
  6. Lips of Deceit
  7. Warmness On the Soul
  8. An Epic of Time Wasted
  9. Breaking Their Hold
  10. Forgotten Faces
  11. Thick and Thin
  12. Streets
  13. Shattered by Broken Dreams

Themes & MeaningsEdit

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